Dry Red Chillies

Dry Red Chillies are widely used in many countries as the main spice. There are various varieties of Dry Red Chillies – each having a distinctive taste & color. They have different varieties namely:

– S17 variety of Dry Red Chillies, better known as Teja, is famous for its high pungency. With a score of 85,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU), S17 is best suited for Oleresin, Pastes, Sauces & Soups across the globe (both whole & in powder forms).

– S4 is another variety that is used for its color and low pungency. The SHU of S4 is around 30,000. It is widely used for color extraction.

– We also supply Dry Red Chillies in the Organic segment and pizza cut (dry red chili flakes) for USA Markets & also for the European Markets as per FDA norms.

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